27.11.15 Sharing and discussing our pitches with our group and tutor. 

As a group, we gathered into a circle and one by one, discussed our ‘Made to Persuade’ project ideas. Since the group was formed into a circle, it made the experience more engaging than previous group discussions. 

By allowing other students input to someones idea, it allowed the individual to gain more ideas and think through their plan more thoroughly, initially making their product more successful. 

During my pitch, a classmate mentioned to me that he’d buy my product. Positive comments like that make me feel much more confident and makes me want to develop my ideas and working even more to make it even better. After the group discussion, a few more people told me that they’d buy my product and that they liked the idea.

Todays group discussion made me realise that even by giving other people some new ideas for THEIR project, you seem to gain some ideas back for your own. Using your brain to think of ideas for others made me think more freely and loosely… which resulted in me coming up with fantastic ideas that i wanted to share. I feel that sometimes when i work on my own projects, i don't loosen up enough feel nervous to try / make things a little different or unexpected.



30.11.15 Progress tutorial 

Today i met up with my tutor so she could discuss both my progress throughout the unit (so far) and my Made to Persuade ideas. 

Luckily, everything is going smoothly with a few bits and bobs to work on. I was given a low referral rate and was not advised to attend study support. I see this as a great achievement from my previous progress tutorial, where i got a medium/high referral rate and WAS advised for study support - I am very pleased with my development. 

Clare carefully explained the issues behind my Made to Persuade idea (stickers) such as, the quality of the stickers not being good enough.. therefore not getting any sales. This made me think of researching into online companies who can print your designs professionally, if my clear vinyl sticker printer paper looks bad. I had also been suggested to attend the screen printing workshop and that perhaps it would look nice as a sticker. I will attend the workshop and experiment with the technique.

I was also advised on doing some primary research to get phrase and sentence ideas from the public and other CSM students. by asking them questions such as ‘What do you think of St. Martin’s students?’.. etc. and hoping to gather information and ideas from their answers to convert into my project. 


7.12.15 Information session 

Groups GCD1 and GCD2 split up into twos and we were given a few hours to talk to our tutors about our Made to Persuade project and how it’s going. The intention of today’s session was to discuss our ideas for promoting our products and packaging if relevant. Jay, the tutor i spoke to gave some interesting and helpful advice on how the circles on one of my poster designs looked like it was identifying the orange sticker label on my tracing paper bags. I really liked the idea of printing my chosen poster design onto coloured paper and then printing it black and white… this way the orange stickers stand out beautifully with a subtle.. yet harsh clash between the colours of mid grey and neon orange, which links to my packaging design. 

Initially, i wanted to print my posters at A3 size on card. However, there had been problems with the printers in J201 and weren’t allowing card to go through the MP tray. Obviously, i had realised that i do not have enough time to get them professionally printed, so i made a compromise and used a thinner, lighter card which worked perfectly, although only available at A4 size. 

I also went on the hunt for larger neon orange stickers around parts of London and was unsuccessful. I wanted these stickers to go onto the A3 posters so they looked more proportionate than the smaller ones. Luckily, the smaller neon orange stickers look proportionate on A4 paper.

issues i had today were mainly to do with time and lack of resources. I am pleased with myself that i was able to act fast and think of an alternative.


8.12.15 Made to Persuade sale day! 

Sale day had finally reached us. Setting up my table was a breeze as i had carefully organised and planned out the day before. However, after placing my stickers and posters onto the table, i noticed that another poster identifying the bright orange stickers would attract audiences -  so in order to do this, i bought a piece of A3 grey card and stuck spare orange stickers onto it, after that i cut the card to create one large asymmetric shape. I really liked this because the colours were so contrasting and actually grabbed peoples attention as i had been given a few comments like 'wow the colours are amazing' and 'i love the orange spots'. 

Luckily, i sold all 20 of my product. I even got asked to sign my packaging from one of my customers! A lot of people commented on how they were 'excited' to go home and open their stickers. Others actually recommended my pack of stickers to their friends too. I really love how most people wanted to learn more about who i am and why i created these humorous stickers, it made me feel pleased about my work and efforts. 

However, since a lot of people asked about ME and what i was intending within these stickers - i realise that branding my stickers would've been more useful than i thought. I did want to brand my stickers but unfortunately i was short on time and was not able to. But, i have learnt from this and will in corporate into future relevant projects. 

My favourite part about this project was making the packaging. i really loved styling the way the stickers were going to be sold and making them look sophisticated yet with a bit of kookiness. i also really enjoyed setting up my table to make it look visually pleasing and eye catching. 


2.12.15 Testing/ experimenting with both stickers and product packaging.

Testing out different shapes and material, i started to experiment with how i am planning on packaging my product. As i have been heavily influenced by the 'State of Mind' exhibition and Whistles packaging, i thought it would be a nice idea to combine the two together, in a sense. 

Trying out different materials for my mini bags was helpful as i wouldn't have thought tracing paper would look good as a gift bag otherwise. It also allowed me to recognise that plain white paper bags get dirtier than tracing paper and its generally a very 'dull' look. Also, the blue acetate got very, very dirty and was very hard to make into a bag - again, i wouldn't have known this if i hadn't tried. I have learnt to experiment more and not to shy away from making mistakes. 

I had also tested printing some of my early sticker designs onto clear vinyl sticker paper. I learnt that thick, graphic designs don't look so good on the paper. However, illustrations look really good. This means that i will have to develop my ideas further and compromise and i do not want my stickers to look bad. 


3.12.15 Ideas group meeting

Today we got into a small group and shared our ideas with a tutor. I was mostly given positive feedback about my project ideas and helpful constructive criticism, such as, my Waitress coffee cup actually looked like promotion for the company (and i obviously don’t want this) - so being told this has made me rethink how i could show the Waitrose coffee cup without it looking like I'm trying to promote it. 

I was also told that my illustration work was ‘brilliant’ and that i should do more of it. This was a great confidence boost as i had been skeptical on my drawings and was actually very nervous sharing my ideas as i thought others would think it was rubbish. I have learnt that meetings and tutorials aren’t just to tell you NEGATIVE things but to help guide you and push you in the right way… and that constructive criticism is not to be frowned upon. My tutor, as well as people in our mini group were liking my slightly more daring quotes (which I've been afraid of using incase people get too offended), but, i was told that its OK to take risks and that my target market for this project is for the younger generation, who would understand and appreciate the quotes.

Afterwards, i proceeded onto creating more illustration stickers. I really enjoyed drawing these. I experimented with different layouts, pen thickness and images during the process.


4.12.15 Creating my packaging and finalising stickers

Today i spent time on creating all 20 of my tracing paper bags. The bags took some time to make as they required precise folding and careful glueing so it didn't look of a poor quality. I really enjoyed making these bags, it was somewhat relaxing. I had also printed, cut and stuck all of my stickers onto yellow acetate (making it easier for people to peel off). I had chosen yellow acetate rather than other colours because it shows the image on the sticker better, however, blue acetate looked brilliant underneath foggy tracing paper but it made it very difficult to see the stickers design/image, so i had to make a compromise. 

Issues i had with the stickers was that there were bubbles underneath the acetate from where i had placed them onto it. Unfortunately i did not have enough money to buy more sticker paper so had to deal with the misfortune. 

I am pleasantly proud of the way my tracing paper bags have turned out and i love the neon orange stickers to hold down the flaps. I believe that my tracing paper bags look like packaging stores like Reiss / Whistles / Jaeger would use to package small goods - as it has a sophisticated, yet kooky look to it. 



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