Mathieu Clauss is a French Typographer and Graphic Designer. 

Clauss designed a beautiful, geometric 3D-like typeface called 'Hurly Burly'. What I like mostly about this Typeface specimen is that it is not in typical alphabetical order, as you'd expect - I believe that to show the true essence of a type and to get a real 'feel' of it, you do not have to include every single letter of the alphabet, I even think that simply showing one letter would be enough to get an idea.

I really like how the letters look so complicated, yet, they have been so easily constructed. These letters are very simplistic, with just a few attachment lines to create a wonderful hollow 3D look. 

This typeface reminds me of wooden crates that have been broken up due to the incomplete edges and thinness of the type. I believe this artist has been successful with his colour choices (which are all quite toddler-ish-like colours) which all go really well with the mature, dark, charcoal grey background. 

This work has sprung many ideas in my head which involve working in 3D form and creating my own typeface influenced by previous forms i have created. 


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