Jan Tschichold (1902 - 1974) was a German Typographer and Book Designer. 

After browsing through the designers work online, I had become most attracted to his work for 'Advertising and Graphic Art cover' in 1947. This work was a cover for a art and design magazine. The reason why I was so drawn to this piece is because the colourful and detailed cube in the right hand side of the frame looks amazingly eye catching. I am really fond of the combination of different pattern and design within the cube itself, in a way, it makes the cube look like its intentionally three 2D diamonds place together - when infact it is meant to be a cube.

I also really enjoy the simplicity of the type around the cover page. It compliments the brighter, bolder colours and events going on in the page.. it ties it all together in an immaculate composition. 


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