WIM CROUWEL is a Dutch Typographer and Graphic Designer who is known most famously for his contemporary typefaces.

Crouwel was the designer of the typeface 'Neu Alphabet'. This typeface has a very geometric feel to it. I love how the artist has experimented with the alphabet in which has resulted in a typeface that is now iconic and still contemporary. 


I personally find that if all the letters had an equal x-height, the alphabet would look more orderly and tidy, and i find this style of font aims to portray a sense of order - so in this case, there would be no ascenders or descenders within this typeface alone. 

Places i'd imagine Neu Alphabet would look successful in would be places like a science museum or on the album cover of a futuristic techno band since it has the edgy, yet serious and modern vibe to it. 


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