19.11.15 Introduction to what a 'score' is, experimenting with music and planning/creating our sound device.

At the start of our lesson, we made a mind map together as a class, explaining what 'tonality' is. I enjoyed doing this as a class because we were all able to listen and take from each others thoughts and ideas from the word. I learnt that tonality meant a whole lot more than you'd imagine, such as it can be used as a Graphical or music phrase, and that is can mean 'timbre', rhythm, percussive - etc.

Afterwards, we drew to the sound of music. Our tutors played three songs and told us to respond to the music using various drawing materials. this was a great exercise and really allowed me to loosen up and feel less restricted to taking risks throughout the rest of the day. I learnt that usually, graphic designers have a play around with different tools and medias before starting a project, to help waking up the brain and flow of ideas. 

Shortly after, we quickly played around with our 'instruments' that we brought in for todays session to get ideas on what to make and then drew thumbnails to leak our ideas onto a page in our sketchbooks. Then, we progressed onto making our sound making device. 

Making my sound making device was a bit difficult at the start because i had never used a proper wood cutting machine before, however, there were plenty of technicians around to help us and they really helped me by giving me a very quick tutorial on how to use the machine safely and efficiently. I actually really enjoyed making my wooden sound making device and i like the final outcome. 


22.11.15 Creating our own graphic score from our music piece.

We were all set the task of making a graphic score to go with our bands musical piece. We were given a small range of options on how we could create it, such as digitally or manually. Since I have found most of my interest in Paul Chan's work, I decided it would be best to work manually. 

We were given a very, very short time to create our graphic scores - we had to hand them in the next day! I really didn't like this as I began to feel extremely stressed and under pressure. However, it taught me that sometimes I will have to work with heavy loads throughout my life and i chose to see this as practise.

I personally like my graphic score outcome as i really love the look of the solid black shapes against the raw calico, relieving a natural and organic feel to the piece (just as the music sounds) I do believe that if i were to do this digitally it wouldn't portray the same effects.


20.11.15 Rehearsing our musical performance 

During the night before, we all spoke on Facebook to share links to interesting music videos which we could take inspiration from. After this, we discussed what to bring in the following day to be fully prepared - this really helped as I love to be completely organised before i carry out a project. However, a lot of my band were busy the night before and were unable to contact me until late at night, which was a bit of a nuisance but i managed to work my way through it, doing research whilst waiting.

The next day we gathered at Archway to rehearse the audio of our music video. We decided that the best place for us to record our music would be in the classroom as it was empty and emphasises sound. Luckily, a person in our group had sound microphones so we were able to professionally record our music. That is another thing i love about working in groups, some people have different talents and interests therefore benefiting to the group and making things vary and become more unique and interesting. 

Naturally, i love to be in control of what is going on. However, i know that when working in a group you HAVE to consider other peoples ideas and input to make sure that everyone is engaged and getting into our project. Working in a band has taught me that everyone has their own ideas to contribute to and it’s best to personally ask an individual what their ideas are and comparing theirs with yours and the rest of the groups, to get a true idea on what everyone’s general feel is for the project. in our case, the general feel of our piece was organic and raw. 

After doing various test rehearsals and experimenting with our sound making devices, we finally got our whole audio piece sorted, ready for the next day. We had also listened to all our recordings on a mac before deciding what audio we thought sounded best. 



21.11.15 Shooting the film for our music video. 

Today we met up at Archway to shoot our film for our music piece. We had decided that Archway was the most effective place to record as we had found interesting spots which relate to our band name ‘Rust’ and believed it also fitted in with the general look of our sound making devices.

Despite the cold weather, we stayed out in the rustic surroundings and chose to take a number of shots using the same instruments to ensure we got the best shots we could using the equipment and materials we had. 

I personally found it hard to come to terms that some members of the group prefer to stick directly to the brief and do not like to play around with shots  - liking to keep it very simply and sensible. However, we managed to loosen them up and they actually liked some of our playing around shots. But as we are a group, we also included some shots which this member would prefer, making it fair for all of us (and still making it work) and we still liked the way everything was shot anyway. 

After shooting our clips, we all quickly briefed out what clip would go where just to get a general idea and feel of how our music video’s final outcome might look. I really liked this as it meant that we had the satisfaction of knowing we’ve got everything we need on the mac and the video software and all we needed to do was edit parts and make it all fit in smoothly. 

Working with this group has made me realise that your original ideas don’t always go quite according to plan… but this is ok because it allows you to explore around your initial thoughts and possibly make it better. I have also learned that being patient with everyone and understanding that some people may have to leave early due to outside activities or something and having to work around specific time schedules too.




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