Ellsworth Kelly was an infamous American sculptor, painter and printmaker. He is a heavy influence within the graphic design industry, as well as being an artist who influences a large part of my own work. 

 His work ‘Sculpture for a Large Wall’ 1957, has a really interesting play on 2D shapes. The artist has successfully made 2D forms appear three dimensional. I also find that the work has a slight optical illusion to it, due to the uneven yet even line throughout the piece. 

 I am also a big fan on the colours Kelly uses within this piece. He has combined bright, bold primary colours with cooler, more industrial tones. I believe this works as it means that there isn't too much of anything - the cooler tones work with and enhance the brighter colours, whereas, if it were that there were only bold colours, the work would be too overpowering and essentially look less visually pleasing and uncomfortable on the eye.  

‘Sculpture for a Large Wall’ reminds me of a kids board game - ones where you have to flip something over in order to reveal something, such as clues or images to get you closer to the winning post. This thought relates to my project title ‘Abstract Form and Order’ as it reminded me that in order to accomplish something, you have to follow ‘rules’ and in a sense, rules are a form of order in which we HAVE to follow to guarantee ourselves something that we want. 



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