Elisa Strozyk is a German designer and wooden textile artist. Wooden textile art within Strozyk’s work mainly involves hundreds of miniature simple geometric forms placed onto a thin fabric, creating wonderful pattern and giving off the illusion of a cartoon-like swatch of textiles. 

I am so struck by the insanely imaginative and graphic approach to textiles the artist has portrayed. I love the way the rugs (shown below) she has created initially just look like ordinary japanese styled rugs, however, when ruffled up slightly, absolutely stunning geometric forms appear.

The works of this artist remind me of a Rubiks cube, when it is not in its cube form, then ‘fixed’ to be put into its correct order. 

The texture and general look of the rugs remind me of an armadillo and fish skin, due to the layering of single shapes and when moved, changed into a slightly different texture of form. 

Strozyk’s work give me many ideas for myself which i am keen to work on. For example, i believe it would be worth experimenting with bigger shapes to create a more chunky approach or perhaps even smaller to achieve a more detailed look. Or, experimenting with the depths of each piece of wood, adding interesting levels to the textile art. 



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