Åbäke, Prem Krishnamurthy WORKSHOP



26/11/15 Introduced to Abake Prem Krishnamurthy and being set a task to do for the day.

Our task was to visually analyse a cut up piece of imagery from a Charles Eames piece from the 1950's. we were also grouped up into 5, and each group focused on one cut up image and had to go to either the library or find ways to get people to send them relevant images. Using any search engine was banned. 

My group were chosen to find our research in the library. we had to find relevant imagery which related or was very similar looking to the images on our cut up piece, except our research had to be an updated, more modern response. 

Unfortunately, two out of five people in our group had very opposing ideas to the remaining three people. Although this was understandably annoying, it is inevitable to find people with very different opinions to you. So in response to this problem, we split up into a group of two and three to find books with suitable imagery with the intention of gathering up at the end and deciding which found imagery was the best for our piece. I believe that this was a professional and mature way of responding to a very strong opinion clash. It has taught me that instead of being irritated by the fact that someone doesn't agree with my ideas - to compromise and meet halfway so everyone is satisfied. I have also learnt that ALL members of the group need to engage in order for a project to work, our group done this very well. 

Afterwards, we gave Prem our images and he uploaded them to InDesign to match the layout of the cut out piece. When everyone had finished making their final outcome, we reviewed everyones work at once and had group discussion about what went well and how it could've been improved, with additional questions and advice. Although it is interesting to see everyone else's work, i believe it should be something to look at in your own time since i naturally and unstoppably lose focus when i have to listen to the same tone of voice for a long time. However, the feedback to our piece was helpful. We were told that the image of the baby boy we had found looked great, but, actually looked older than the original image... which made the whole group realise that we didn't realise the date the image was taken! 



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