21.1.16/ 22.1.16 Introduction to new project and research

Yesterday (21.1.16) we were briefed our new project ’40 Hours’, we were shown examples of relevant artist work and were given pointers on what we could base our project on. We were then told to create a 1 hours piece of work in order to get our heads around our new project and to get a taste of what we are expected to do. I find that the 1 hour exercise was beneficial as we were put on the spot and had to think fast on what we were going to produce in an hour with whatever resources we could find, i think this was a good way to broaden our horizons and to look further into the project. 

Today, I reviewed the brief again and searched up the suggested artists. I then had a look through Pinterest to kick-start some ideas. I then proceeded to doing our homework which was to create another 1 hour piece over the weekend and bring it into class on Monday. For this, i created three separate pieces all of which were line drawings in fine liner pen, i then placed two of them outside in the rain for an hour and the other underneath a wet wooden plank that was also outside. Unfortunately i don’t like the outcome as i do not find it very exciting. But, i only see this as a way of learning from an experiment. I will push this idea further to create an outcome i am more pleased with.



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